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This site contains information on, and reviews of Utilitech Lighting products. The sheer choice of products and price points can be a overwhelming, this site will offer information and reviews on various lighting configurations and products.

Over the years, Utilitech Lighting has become an integral part of home development and improvements. It is the number one choice, not only because of the functionality of the product but also because of the very good quality it offers.

The Utilitech brand is widely known for products with top quality design and functionality, their products have always been highly recommended in reviews. Users understand that Utilitech Lighting has been produced to a high standard and has always been the choice for decorative lighting, security and home improvements.

Types of Utilitech Lighting

Utilitech Lighting comes in many different forms for may different applications. For more information on each type of lighting, please follow the “Read More” link at the end of each description. Types of lighting include;

Utilitech Lighting

Outdoor Security Lighting

Security and Safety Lighting – This type of lighting is designed to protect your home by deterring intruders. This type of lighting includes outdoor floodlights that can be triggered via motion sensors, and indoor lights that can be set on a timer so that they turn on and off at regular intervals, simulating people being inside the house. Their outdoor floodlighting is energy efficient, using low power cfl light bulbs that produce as much light as a high-powered halogen bulb but only use a fraction of the electricity. Read More

They also make battery powered backup lighting and extra-bright clear rope lighting that can be placed along fire escape routes, this rope lighting is available in lengths up to 48ft and also doubles as festive and decorative lighting. Read More


Utilitech Recessed Lighting

Reccessed Lighting Provides a Contemporary Look

Recessed Lighting – Utilitech recessed lighting is designed to fit flush on whatever surface it is mounted on. This lighting has a very modern contemporary look, normally rows of small lights are placed uniformly along the ceiling and is often seen in bathrooms and kitchens.

Many of Utilitech’s recessed lighting products feature housings that incorporate thermal cutoff switches, these are vital because. bright bulbs can generate a lot of heat. Because the housing of the light is in the ceiling material, the thermal cutoff switch prevents any risk of fire due to material of the ceiling becoming too hot. Read More

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting is useful in Food Preparation Areas

Cabinet and Under Cabinet Lighting – Cabinet lighting is often used to illuminate display cabinets, allowing you show off your trophies, ornaments or perhaps fine glassware. Utilitech under cabinet lighting is often used in Kitchens, this type of lighting is very useful for illuminating surfaces used for food preparation. L.E.D and Xenon variations are available, L.E.D uses very little power while Xenon bulbs are extremely bright but do not dazzle. Your choice will ultimately depend on your power consumption requirements and the look you are going for. Read More

General Lighting – Bulbs, fixtures and fittings – They manufacture low power cfl light bulbs, these are available in either bayonet or screw mount, theses bulbs are also available as Utilitech Daylight, this means the color temperature of the bulbs is whiter and more closely matches the light from the midday sun. Bulbs of this type are particularly useful for people who suffer from Seasonal Effective Disorder (S.A.D).

CFL Lightbulb

They also offer more utilitarian like the like the 2-light fluorescent light fixture, white with oak end wrap, this is perfect for garages and workshops as the light emitted is strong and does not use too much electricity. Read More
Portable work-site and personal lighting – Site lighting is useful for those who are working on construction sites or decorating where permanent lighting has not yet been installed, site lighting is portable and powerful, perfect for construction workers and craftsmen. Personal lighting incorporates things like, camping lanterns and torches.

Site Lighting

The Right Utilitech Lighting for You

Whatever type of lighting you are looking for, there is a Utilitech Lighting product that will fit your need. This site will contain continually updated reviews on various different products. I don’t get any of these products for free, all products I use are things I need in my own home.