LED Puck Lights

LED Puck Lights are Efficient and Adaptable


LED puck lights are an excellent choice for the person who wants to experiment with different types of lighting in the home. One of the many advantages of this type of lighting is that it can be purchased in wired or wireless forms. Because LED bulbs use so little power, a single wireless puck light can be run for months on just three AAA batteries.

Most models of puck light are able to swivel and pivot in their base, this makes them very adjustable, allowing you to tune the direction of the lighting until you have it just right. Some models even feature dimmer switches to add control over the brightness and ambiance of your lighting setup.

Some of the many common uses for LED puck lights are under cabinet lighting, accent lighting (such as architectural features of a property), convince lighting where there is no power supply and safety/backup lighting to be used in the event of a power outage.

Using LED Puck Lights as Under Cabinet Lighting

LED Puck Lights

LED puck lights are great to use as under cabinet lighting.

These lights are ideal for use as under cabinet lighting, they are extremely easy to install compared to traditional strip under cabinet lights, they will also fit under virtually any cabinet. Old, custom made and foreign designed cabinets sometimes do not have sufficient depth, straight lines and length to accommodate traditional strip under cabinet lighting, LED puck lights are quite compact and can be easily fitted independently of each other.

Installing individual puck lights underneath a cabinet instead of a continuos strip light also gives the added advantage to the user of not having to have the whole counter illuminated. Because the lights can be controlled individually, if only one area of a kitchen counter is being used, that is the only area that has to be lit.

The illumination produced by LED puck lights is slightly different to traditional under cabinet lights. Under cabinet lights create even illumination across a surface, but puck lighting creates a more focused spot light like illumination below where they are placed.

What you prefer is down to your own personal preference.

Accent Lighting using LED Puck Lights

Accent lighting can be used to emphasise an architectural feature of your home or draw attention to something in the room like a sculpture, painting or fish tank.

If accenting an architectural feature like and the alcove of a wall or bay window, hard wired LED puck lights will be ideal for this task, they can be connected to the main lighting circuit or a separate switch can be installed to control them.

For accent lighting a moveable object like a painting or sculpture, wireless lights are suitable for this, not only because they are convenient to install, but also convenient to move if you decide to change the position of the object you are accenting.

Convenience, Backup and Safety Lighting

LED Puck Lighting

Available in mains or battery powered varieties.

Sometimes you just need to equip an area with light for a short amount of time. A few months ago I was insulating my attic. I only have one single light bulb up there, it’s in the middle of the ceiling, ┬áthis means the edges of the room are very dark. The problem was solved by simply attaching a couple of wireless LED puck lights to beams that ran along the eves. The lights come with a self adhesive on the back that can be re-used a number of times, when it loses it’s ability to adhere to surfaces it can be replaced with double sided tape.

Backup and safety lighting is something that everyone should consider installing in their homes. It means that if there is a power outage, high lumen but low powered battery LED lights can be switched on to allow you to move around your home.

The safety aspects become apparent when you see that just one LED puck light placed at the top or bottom of a regular household set of stairs produces enough light to allow you to walk up and down safely, seeing steps and obstacles as you walk.

Well I hope that this article has been helpful in informing you about what LED puck lights are and their various uses around the home.