Safety Lights in and Around the House

Defying Evolution


The street lights flicker to life and the children are all in bed for the night. It ís time to rest and fade off to sleep. Well, not really. Unlike our stone age ancestors who had no choice but to sleep when the sun went down, in this modern world, the day ends when we finally crash. That means that we are awake and active much later into the wee hours of the morning. To prevent nasty spills and accidents, here are my suggestions for a little extra lighting to keep your late night shuffling safe.

Tip and Tricks on How to Use Safety Lighting

1. Motion sensitive flood lights are pretty much mandatory. Not only do they help when you can’t get to the light switch and are walking from your car to the front door late at night, but they also help deter intruders. The bright flash of light will scare them off and alert others to their presence.

2. If you like to sit in your garden at night then I suggest getting some cheap solar lights for the path and the edges of the beds. They are very low maintenance and require no external power source. Solar lights are great if you plan on just walking around once in a while, but those who entertain may want to upgrade to some flood lighting. That’s for another article though.

3. Similar to the solar lights, low level stair lighting is a good idea in larger houses. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought the staircase had ended in the dark when there was one extra step to go. Well, I could probably tell you, but I don’t want to. It ís embarrassing, just assume that it’s more than once and that ís all you need to know.

4. A more subtle form of lighting that you may want to consider is illuminated light switches. Fumbling around in the dark for the light switch is no fun. You may have a physical memory of the position of the switch, but think of any guests that you may be inviting over.

None of these lights are vital to your safety, but they all help a little bit. Think about these small additions and modifications the next time you consider doing a little home improvement.