Under Cabinet Lighting

Utilitech Under Cabinet Lighting

There are several places in your house where under cabinet lighting can make a aesthetic change. Many install it in their kitchens to add extra illumination to counter tops in order to their improve appearance and functionality.

If you have hanging cabinets in your house, they will cast a shadow below them onto counter tops. The over-hang obscures work surfaces. Under cabinet lighting will remedy this issue by removing shadows, creating illumination and making all counter spaces bright and usable.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting is Useful in the Kitchen

Under Cabinet Lighting is Easy to Install

Many storage cabinets are built so that it’s easy to install under cabinet lights. If you peer under your cabinets you’ll see that they’ve got  a recess underneath that’s about two inches deep. However, you can put in lights that are larger than the space you have available, this is because it’s likely that the base of the cabinet will be below most people’s vision and they will be concealed when viewed standing up.

Under cabinet lighting cab be used to accent different parts of the house. Under cabinet lighting can show off things like counter splashes, books on a book shelf or it can be used for practical lighting such as above an area where you normally chop vegetables. The kitchen is where you’d find the need for accents. This is also the place where a lot of tasks are to be done several times a day and extends even through the night. Under cabinet lighting adds gentle light to the countertops at night and provides quality lighting for preparing food, reading or writing. However, under cabinet lighting is not exclusive to the kitchen.

Choose the Right Under Cabinet Lighting for Your Needs

There are many types of bulbs to choose from and many different lighting fixtures as well. They can work on a dimmer switch to adjust the intensity of the light. Some models can also move independently, so you can focus on a particular area of the counter.

Utilitech offers a variety of of units that are perfect for lighting any workspace, their lighting is easy to install and has many bulb options

Xenon– There are pros of using xenon strip lights. First, they give off really beautiful glow. You may recognize the light because xenon headlamps are being used on newer high end cars. The light in your kitchen is usually quite cold, and these warm it up just enough. The light is warmer than fluorescent light, but not as warm as the halogen bulbs. It’s not pure yellow light, but a wonderfully golden hue.

Under Cabinet Led Lighting– Intends to help you see your kitchen in a whole new light. It aims to provide you with functional lighting and at the same time help you save energy. Using LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) helps you save money because they are lower wattage at a higher lumen. Plus, LEDs do not burn out easily and even if you touch them when they’re on, they stay completely cool. LED fixtures use the longest life bulbs, lasting over 60,000 hours using very little energy.

Flourescent– Flourescent undercabinet lighitng is the cheapest and most widely available. This type of under cabinet lighting is very easy to install and relatively low power. The unit cosists of one flourescent strip light that fits underneath the cabinet. The flourescent light emitted from these units is considered the coldest of all the available choices.

Halogen– Under Cabinet This type of lighting arguabley produced the most pleasing light. The light is warm but still represents colors accurately and is not dazzling or tiring to the eyes. The only drawbacks of halogen bulbs is that they are more expensive to replace and give off the most heat of the available options.

These lights can to be plugged into a wall outlet or hardwired. The covers are easily removable for cleaning. This will be really important to you, as you wanted to keep the lights clean, especially when you don’t have a hood over your stove, and to need to be able to clean the light cover frequently.

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