Utilitech High Velocity 18 Inch Fan Review

Why Purchase this Utilitech Fan?


Although this site mainly focuses on lighting products from Utilitech, many readers have emailed me asking me to review this fan. I resisted for a long time, but seeing as we’ve been having some unseasonably hot weather here at the moment I finally relented.

Unlike my home, my summer cabin does not have air conditioning. This coupled with the fact the Utilitech recessed lighting units I chose to install were the halogen bulb variety can make things rather hot and uncomfortable in the height of summer.

What really attracted me to purchasing the utilitech fan was it’s price. It is far cheaper than similarly speced fans on the market and, as far as I can tell, does not skimp on features or build quality.

After checking out the sites where I usually buy my utilitech lighting products, I found that lowes were offering this fan at the best price.


This fan is well built and excellent value for money.

First Impressions of the Utilitech 3 Speed Fan

The first thing that struck me about this fan as I was removing it from the packaging was just how large it is. The blades have an 18 inch diameter and look like they can move a serious amount of air. Like utilitech lighting products, this fan is finished well for the price and is contemporary looking enough to fit into most suroundings.

The front grill is also easily removable, this should make cleaning and removing dust from the fan blades a simples task. This especially important as the dark colored blades will really show the settling dust.

In fact, this is one of the best looking fans I have seen, the fact that the entire front of the fan is made up entirely of grill helps it seem smaller than it is and blend into it’s surroundings more.

Build Quality

Moving this fan to area next to my desk helped me to appreciate just how heavy it is and the kind of build quality and parts that have gone into its construction.

The large circular base of the unit gives it plenty of stability, there isn’t much chance of pets, small children, and even the occasional inebriated adult knocking this thing over.

Utilitech market this as a high velocity fan, meaning that it spins extremely fast. There are three speed settings, while not the most feature rich fan on the market, what features are included should be enough to satisfy most users.

The real winning feature of this particular fan is the fact that is oscillates independently of the external grill. This means that the outer structure of the fan does not move, giving the unit more stability and reducing the chance of it coming into contact with objects places around it.

In use

The large diameter of the fan means that it is capable of moving quite a large amount of air. On its lowest power setting it creates a light breeze which is sufficient to keep a room cool in moderately high temperatures.

The middle and highest setting really help cool things down. The high velocity spinning blades move a large column of air that is capable of cooling a medium sized room, especially in oscillation mode.

There is one minor drawback of this fan and that is that it is not very quiet when engaged in its highest power setting. While I have heard quieter, it is a small gripe for an otherwise excellent, inexpensive device.


Utilitech have done a really good job with this fan, my positive experience with it makes me look forward to using some of their other non lighting related products.

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