Utilitech Portable Work Light Review

You can See Clearly with a Utilitech Portable Work Light


Utilitech portable work lights are aimed at construction and home improvement professionals, as well as the keen amateur.

Site lighting can make a difference to any kind of construction, decoration or home improvement tasks are made much easier by providing a light source exactly where it is needed.

If you have ever tried to wire a building, plaster a wall or hang wallpaper using just an overhead lightbulb, you’ll know how prohibitive shadows and poor lighting are to doing a competent, efficient job. This is where portable work lights become invaluable.

I decided to purchase the single bulb, freestanding Utilitech portable work light to assist me in some home improvements that needed to be done in my dark basement.

Utilitech Portable Work Light

The Utilitech Portable Work Light

Unboxing and First Impressions

The first shock that I got when I received the package in the mail was how small the box was. Upon opening the box I realised the unit ships unassembled. Luckily it is very easy to put together, and 5 minutes later I had the unit in front of me and ready to go.

What you really notice about this portable work light when you first assemble it is how sturdy it looks. I’m not just talking about the build quality but also the way it stands. The light sits upon an H-stand with rubberised tips at all four ends. The H-stand’s surface area is wider than that of the lighting fixture, this makes it nigh on impossible to knock, push or even kick over.

The lighting fixture that sits on top of the H-stand is a single bulbed halogen floodlight. This bulb is rated at 500 watts so should produce more than adequate illumination for most small to medium sized jobs.

A nice touch is the cage in front of the bulb, accidents can sometimes happen on construction sites, the cage should protect the bulb from anything that may damage it.

Using the Utilitech Portable Work Light

I was initially a little worried about using this light in my basement, I have had some problems with rising damp and was unsure whether it was wise to used an electrical device, especially one rated a 500 watts in such an environment.

After a quick look at the Utilitech portable light’s instructions my mind was put at ease, the unit is outdoor rated and comes with a heavily insulated grounded power chord.

This is where I discovered my first and only gripe with the unit, the power chord is only a foot long, nothing an extension cable can’t sort out but such a short length seems ridiculous.

Turning the unit on produces a strong while light. Perfect for banishing shadows and excellent for intricate close up work as well as illuminating a large area.

I really like the multi position tilt control that this unit offers, the light can be tilted into any position and then locked in place with the lever handle.

While I don’t find it an issue, those who need this light to work in confined spaces may find the heat that the halogen bulb gives off a little uncomfortable. I see it as the trade off for such a strong, clear white light.


It’s low price, solid construction and well thought out features make the Utilitech portable work light a winner. Both professionals and people just looking for something to help them with occasional home improvements will love the Utilitech portable work light.